• Diploma qualification – South Sudan Certificate.
  • Degree Programs – South Sudan Certificate or its equivalent.
  • Masters Programs –BSc in Natural resources or any related field.
  • PhD programs – MSc in relevant field.



  • Prime Center with the largest number of Professors, PhD and MSc holders as concerns knowledge on Natural Resources and Environment facts.
  • Knowledge hub of South Sudan when it comes to Natural Resources and Environmental Management.
  • Capability to conduct research in all areas of Natural Resources and Environmental Sciences with many available students as potential research partners.
  • Exceptional relevant Departments of Agricultural Sciences; Animal Production and Technology and Fisheries to improve food security in the country.
  • Aptitude to inculcate knowledge that can contribute to sustainable management of forests, wildlife, geology and environment for improved livelihoods.


  • Large campus at Bajur that can accommodate the entire departmental infrastructure and facilities as well as staff premises.
  • Exceptional huge unexplored research areas in natural resources and environmental management.
  • Numerous partnerships forged with both western as well as regional universities cooperating in the areas of research and staff exchange.
  • Several grants received from governments to improve capacity of the University academic staff, as a result, more than 30 PhD and MSc are on study leave.

Proposed Areas of Collaboration

  • Collaborative research.
  • Information sharing.
  • Staff and student exchange.
  • Equipment and Books .